Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Larger than Life

Welcome to my world. This is my 'little' bundle of energy and curiosity. This was actually a picture of her from Easter morning... without any sugar in her. Can't imagine...
This is really an amazing stage that she is in. Almost every day she is doing something new or perfecting an old trick. Now she starts clapping her hands as soon as she hears just the first few notes of "If You're Happy and You Know It"... She's starting to eat chunkier things (but still mushy)... and she eats cheerios! Any moment now she will have her second tooth. This is great.
But this is also the hardest stage I have yet seen. Although she is more active and she can physically do more stuff... she can't really do any of it alone yet (safely). Then there is the teething and the separation anxiety. She's learning so fast she's quickly tiring on songs and games... it's hard to keep up with her.
It's demanding... she's needy... sometimes she's a tough crowd. She's excited... she likes to bounce bounce bounce and grab anything that you seem to like (phone, remote, laptop, etc.). She's all over the place.
I love her to death.