Saturday, January 13, 2007

Samantha at 15-16 months

I can easily say that being outside is Samantha's favorite place to be... right next to on mommy's lap watching one of her favorite videos.
She's really growing fast... she's now about to turn 16 months (that's almost a year and a half for those of you who have not become comfortable with the month thing yet). Although she isn't incredibly vocal, she is adding some words to her list but her all time favorites are "No, what's this? and Da da da (she calls her belly button da da da).
Thanks to some wonderful lift-the-flap books she got for Christmas from her Auntie Boppy (Rebecca) she is well versed in body parts...
I am finally able to trust her with a bowl of yogurt and a spoon... as long as a put a napkin on her lap.
Some of the things that she does... that really define her at this age (personality wise):
She cares very much about her interactions with others. She will of course examine a stranger with extreme caution but within minutes she is waving for their attention. She is very affectionate, blowing kisses (or walking over and giving real ones) to us throughout her day.
She is very organized... she will arrange her toys in straight lines or perfect curves.
When she is eating something that she thoroughly enjoys she wiggles back and forth (her father does that too!), it's adorable.
She loves listening to Raffi and dancing to the music.
She still loves her Fisher Price "lawn mower" type push toy... she keeps our living room carpet very well manicured.
She is SO good about sleeping, we are so blessed about that!
That's all I can think of for now...


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