Tuesday, April 25, 2006


She turned 7 months old on Sunday... but that's not as exciting as the suprise she gave me today... Samantha started clapping on her own!!! It was so stinkin adorable! Wondering if it was just a fluke... I sat down in front of her and encouraged her to clap again and sure enough... she did! And she seems to love doing it! Hey, she's doing right now too.
So freekin adorable!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My pretty little lady

Guess what this little lady just got yesterday!
Her very first bright and shiny TOOTH!
This was a very exciting discovery for both Mommy and Daddy (no, she hasn't bitten me yet).

She's also started the repetative babbling thing (many start this much earlier)... eye eye eye eeh eye eeh yahh ehh eye... I'll let you know who's name she says first.

She's sitting up pretty independantly for a while now... and likes to hold something in each hand and bang them together.

Her new favorite song is If You're Happy and You Know It. And I think she's beginging to like Cookie Monster more than Elmo! (Just like her Daddy)