Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This picture taking thing is FUN!

ya think?

No really, it's all in your subject... ***and the time of day***
Sami and I have been having a bunch of fun lately. Have I mentioned how much she likes Maggie? She's always got her eye on her!
Anyhow, let me know if you would like any of the fat files for these babies...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Samantha at 5 months

Here is Samantha's first experience riding in a shopping cart! Yay!!! Ok, she isn't exactly smiling here, but she did right after this picture was taken... and right before the next picture. The next picture she looks kind of wild so I chose this one. But you have to give her a break... that seat must not be very comfortable!
So... Samantha is sitting up pretty well on her own now (hence, the graduation from stroller to shopping cart). She rolled over once... and I missed it but Joshua saw it. He actually got so excited that his cheering scared her back onto her back (she rolled from back to belly). I've seen plenty of partial rolls... but of course never a real complete solid roll. Oh well.
No teeth yet, but notice the drool... they are deffinatly on their way.
She is sleeping through the night again (Thank You LORD!), IN HER CRIB, and is going down around 8pm (rather than anywhere from 9pm-11pm)... Life is very good:)
You might have heard already that Sami loves Elmo. Well, this great admiration that she has for Elmo has now grown to include all of Sesame Street. She especially loves Rosita. Unless you have children of your own... or ones that are very close... or are a child yourself... you will not recognize this character... she's new. She's a light blue monster who shares the Spanish word of the day, and will occasionally play with the other guys.
Her favorite songs are Miss Mary Mack and Elmo's Song. Next in line are Apples and Bananas (eeples and baneenees) and We're Gonna Take a Bath (by mommy). And she LOVES her Rubber Ducky blow-up bath tub and rubber ducky toy... I have some great pics of her in her tub but you'll have to take my word on that.
Oh, and oddly enough... she loves spinach. Go figure.